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Story of a Lifetime

A bit of a sad story but also beautiful. Last week when I was walking my dog I saw, at a neighbours house, someone sitting near the little black Shetland pony Any. It caught my attention and I immediately felt there was something wrong. I went over there and she had a colic attack, the vet was on it’s way. My neighbour had been busy around the stables, had made a braid in Any’s hair 15 minutes before, turned her back for a while and when she turned around again Any was on her back, paws in the air. She was startled of course. The person sitting next to Any had to go home and my neighbour would be alone. Not something you want to go through on your own so I brought our dog home and went back.
The vet arrived and thought of a bacteria that caused the pain. She gave her some medication and Any had to get better in half an hour or so, otherwise she wanted to investigate further. Shetland ponies don’t have colic attacks or something like that often so she was really alarmed by what she saw. The vet went on her round and while the neighbour went inside to quickly grab a bite to eat and take care of her 3 little kids, I stayed with Any and started to give her energy-treatment. Any was in a great deal of pain that was obvious. She only stood up to lay down on her other side and she rolled on her back to ease the strain in her tummy, but it seemed to get a little bit better. My neighbour and I were in doubt about what to do. After a while I really had to go to work, I was already more then two hours late. We were struggling with how to proceed. After work I heard my neighbour decided to bring Any to the clinic for further examination and that the results were bad. They suspected a portion of her intestine was dying. The next 24 hours would be critical….
The next morning she got a phone-call, even though she made it through the night the expectations were bad and the vet advised to put her to sleep. We went over there expecting a very sick pony but she looked better then the day before. I immediately began to treat her with energy and Any made clear to me that whatever we had to do it was fine by her. She wanted to eat some hay and wanted to go outside in the sun, which was even more confusing. I contacted my colleague with psychic abilities for advice, but he did not answer his phone. We had a long conversation with the vet. She had not done further examinations this morning because of the money it would take and she had no real hope for better results. I tried to get a clear picture of what was going on and what the options were. But for my neighbour it was very difficult to make the decision this way. She looked better then yesterday…, how could we put a pony to sleep that seem to have less trouble then yesterday….
After a long while we decided to do some examinations again to be sure. So we could make the decision on the facts of today, not yesterday. That would take several hours and my neighbour was at the end of her strength. She went home and I stayed to help the vet and comfort Any. The vet took her blood and after that I was alone with Any. She licked my hand and my ring for over more then an hour. I talked to her and told her what was going on, the big decision we had to make and what would happen if we would have to put her to sleep.
The more results came in, it became more obvious that Any was really sick. She looked relatively good right now because the pain had dissolved and the toxins in her blood did not do their devastating work to her organs yet, but that would soon set in. Treating her could be possible but would involve lots of medicines and examinations with very poor expectations….
We made the decision to end her pain while she was feeling relatively good. I went home to pick up my neighbour and we went back to put her to sleep. I helped the vet with every step we had to take to do so. She went very quick and smoothly, looked very peaceful and calm. She knew what was coming and went along with it without any hesitation.
That evening I talked to my colleague and he told me he immediately had seen a black piece of intestine (I hadn’t told him about that yet) and that we made the right decision, we couldn’t have done a better job. Any was at peace with it and was able to go so easy and quickly due to the energy-treatment she had in her last hours. It had given her a lot of calmness.
Today, 4 days later, I had a session myself with a friend of mine and spirit-Any came by and thanked me for my help and devotion. It touched my heart, so glad I could be of service….. ❤